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Frequently Asked Question/s

Product Prices

For product prices, Please proceed to our SHOPS tab to further learn about the prices and other details of our gaming gear.

Date of Delivery

We can deliver your order(s) as early as the next day after you sent an order form except during peak season (Christmas season, New Year, other holidays). Our customer service will confirm the delivery date with you.

Mode of Payment

We accept BDO, GCash, Metrobank, Paypal, Palawan Express, Visa, and Mastercard. We do also offer Cash on Delivery(COD) within Metro Manila.




Panther Gaming Gear offers warranty on all gaming chairs for a period of 12 months from the date of delivery (with the exception of the DAWN series that comes with a 6-month warranty). In the event that a product is proven to be faulty or fails to be of acceptable quality within the warranty period, we will provide either repair or replacement of the said product (free of charge) after proper assessment of our team.

It should also be noted that the warranty is non-transferable and is limited only to the original purchaser specified in the submitted order form. It covers repair or replacement of unusable and defective parts that affect the functionality of the product. Panther Gaming Gear reserves the right to inspect any alleged defect. No responsibility will be accepted unless a representative from our company is granted the opportunity to inspect any suspected defect.

This warranty DOES NOT COVER the following:
1. Any damage due to improper use and poor upkeep (e.g. chips, scratches, cuts, tears, liquid damage, stains)
2. Fading, natural color changes, scraping, and wrinkling of leather/fabric which are natural characteristics of leather as a result of regular usage. Please note that exposing the product in direct sunlight or sources of extreme heat will lead to damage.
3. Changes to your foam and fillings that are caused by normal wear and tear (e.g normal increase in the softness of the foam material, natural settlement of foam due to regular use, softening of the foam and fillings to the shape of the user over time)
4.Shrinkage or stretching that occurs with normal use of fabric and leathers
5. Any breakage due to an accident or force
6. Products that have been modified or tampered with in any way
7. Products that have not been purchased directly from us or any acknowledged distributors

To make a claim under this warranty, please send us a message on our official Facebook page: Panther Gaming Gear. You must provide a detailed description of the issue and photographic evidence of the suspected fault for our perusal. After receiving your message, we will work hard to offer you the best solution within a reasonable time.

These terms and conditions are subject to change at any time without prior notice. On the occasion that any amendments are made, the revisions shall be posted on this website and our official social media accounts immediately.

Refund and Return Services

Panther allows customers to return the products within 3 days after delivery. We will refund the payment once we have picked up the item in your residence. Please do consult our Customer Service Team with regards to the schedule of return and refund.

Gaming Chair Assembly

Each gaming chair will arrive disassembled and has to be assembled by the customer but we do provide the necessary tools and manual for easy assembling.